Chimera is a project consisting of an ongoing material and visual research into a contestable future of the human body, in which the body is grown and cultivated. Here it has become an amalgam of the synthetic and the organic. Where synthetic processes mutate the skin into fungi like textures, like living organisms feeding off its host. Cellular structures constricting its carnality, growing in stasis, waiting to unveil its newly formed functions. This new malleable body has  become a place where plastic parasitic substances emulate the immaterial. Intuitively revealing its architect.

These bodies guide us through an era where new technologies redefine the human form and test our understanding of what it means to be human. Moving away from our archaic self to a liquid self, that is continually undergoing construction and reconstruction. A world where the solid has become fluid and is in constant motion.





The collection consists of different pieces of liquid rubber latex, that emerge through the solidifying reaction of latex with calcium nitrate. Calcium nitrate is a salt used in the balloon, latex gloves and condom industry to create a uniform film of latex around a mold. By redesigning this process, rubber latex can be produced into new outcomes unprecedented within the rubber latex industry.


By using an unique technique, the material collection resembles cellular structures, slime molds and fungi-like textures, that are created and formed like living and growing organisms. These textures are both organic and synthetic. Exploring the boundary between living matter and non living matter.

Selected collection of latex textures 2014
Making of the materials 2014 STRUCTURES



The technique has further developed into changing these 2D textures into 3D structures. The technique uses the same principle of layer-on-layer printing used in the additive manufacturing world but leaves a more autonomous context for the material to control its final outcome. The material is shaped by the same solution of calcium nitrate and water, using the water to influence the shape and texture. The chaos derived from working in this matter stands opposite of the structured addictive manufacturing techniques. Opening a new visual idiom for the additive manufacturing world.  Whereby its form creates a dialogue between the made and its maker.



Selected collection of latex structures 2016